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The Maltese bishops’ guidelines on Communion mean that secular culture has triumphed over the Church

The Confraternities of Catholic Clergy said the dubia would help to clear up confusion

The group did not include Cardinal Gerhard Müller, who has said the practice is against God’s law

The cardinal said that nobody, not even a pope, could change the teaching reaffirmed by St John Paul II

The US cardinal made the remarks in a letter to the priests of the Washington Archdiocese.

The Church has always taught that moral absolutes are necessary to the formation of conscience

John Paul II’s Familiaris Consortio was clear on the matter – and in line with Church teaching

Bishop Grech’s diocese said the rumours were ‘absolutely false’

Bishop Lopes says that a firm resolution to avoid grave sin is necessary before receiving Communion

Catholic women deserve a more pastoral response than ‘sorry, but you’d better give him what he wants’