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The bishop was among 19 people killed in Algeria in the 1990s

They were martyred, probably by Islamic extremists, in the early 1990s

Bishop John MacWilliam’s new diocese covers 800,000 square miles of arid land in southern Algeria. ‘You go where you are needed,’ the former Army officer says

The British bishop will administer his pastoral duties from a small chapel in Algeria

The French government must recognise its culture as traditionally Judeo-Christian – in short, a cultural renaissance needs to be facilitated by the state

The mosque, if completed, will be bigger than its rival in Morocco – which may be part of the point

The Church west of Egypt has long been plagued by heresy, piracy and persecution

Fr Timothy Radcliffe was visiting small community in the Sahara

A timely moment to see Of Gods and Men

in the light of the taking of 12 nuns in Syria, Xavier Beauvois’ film about the assassination of Tibhirine is more powerful than ever

Anna Arco talks to the writer behind the haunting tale of seven Trappist monks murdered in Algeria