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The rosary is immensely powerful, but it is God’s strength at work, not ours

A report claims staff felt ‘encouraged’ to persuade women to have abortions

Bishop Michael Campbell said it was a ‘foundational issue’ for the faith and there is ‘no getting around it’

Fianna Fáil members overwhelming opposed repeal of the Amendment which protects the right to life of the unborn

Ann Widdecombe joins appeal for churches to commemorate eight million lives lost since 1967

Other councils could now use Public Space Protection Orders to ban peaceful vigils

Rupa Huq is planning to table an amendment outlawing protests outside abortion clinics

Humanity and Equality in Abortion Reform said a proposed law would even allow sex-selective abortion.

He said he profits in a ‘very roundabout way’ but has no personal investment

Numerous international groups are trying to influence Ireland into legalising abortion