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A Welsh pub renamed one of its ales ‘by way of thanks’ for the seminarians’ good humour

They wish to meet the Pope to address ‘efforts to divide Catholics and Evangelicals’

At least 11 people were killed and as many as 18 others wounded

‘To suggest gender diversity is an antidote to child abuse is both offensive and absurd’

At least one gunman attacked St Philip Catholic Church early Sunday

Reaction to the new low-key uniforms was ‘mixed’

“This aim is the essence of eugenics: not to make people better but to make ‘better’ people.”

A Vatican statement has called for the newly elected Constituent Assembly to be suspended

Staff at Felbrigg Hall refused to wear the badge in protest at a film that ‘outs’ the estate’s last owner

Bishop Hugh Gilbert said the saint’s death was a ‘Christ-like flash of spirit in a dark world’