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An extract of Peter Seewald’s interview with Pope Benedict from Light of the World, the Pope, the Church and the Signs of the Times

St Ralph Sherwin (December 1)

Daily Readings November 29 to December 4

Ordinary Form Divine Office Week I Monday, November 29: Weekday of Advent Is 4:2-6; Ps 122; Mt 8:5-11 Tuesday, November 30: St Andrew, Apostle, patron of Scotland Rom 10:9-18; Ps 19; Mt 4:18-22 Wednesday, December 1: Weekday of Advent Is 25:6-10a; Ps 23; Mt 15:29-37 Thursday, December 2: Weekday of Advent Is 26:1-6; Ps 118; Mt 7:21, 24-27 Friday, December 3: St Francis Xavier, priest Is 29:17-24; Ps 27; Mt 9:27-31 Saturday, December 4: Weekday of Advent or St John Damascene, priest, Doctor of the Church Is 30:19-21, 23-26; Ps 147; Mt 9:35–10:1, 5a, 6-8 Extraordinary Form Sunday, November 28: First Sunday of Advent Romans 13:11-14; Luke 21:25-33 Monday, November 29: Feria Readings of the First Sunday of Advent repeated Tuesday, November 30: St Andrew, Apostle Romans 10:10-18; Matthew 4:18-22 Wednesday, December 1: Feria Readings of the First Sunday of Advent repeated Thursday, December 2: St Bibiana, virgin and martyr Ecclesiasticus 51:13-17; Mt 13:44-52 Friday, December 3: St Francis Xavier, confessor Romans 10:10-18; Mark 16:15-18 Saturday, December 4: St Peter Chrysologus, bishop, confessor and doctor 2 Timothy 4:1-8; Matthew 5:13-19 Compiled by Gordon Dimon, Senior MC of the Latin Mass Society

First Sunday of Advent
Isaiah 2:1-5; Romans 13:11-14; Matthew 24:37-44

Close papal aide dies in road accident

A member of the papal household has died in a car accident

But Benedict XVI says condoms are not a ‘moral solution’ to Aids  

Singing trio say that the famously misbehaving rock star has a ‘depth and sincerity’ to him that is not picked up by the media

Society of St Pius says it will exclude Bishop Williamson unless he drops lawyer with neo-Nazi ties

In a wide-ranging and candid interview the Pope describes crisis as ‘a tremendous cloud of filth which darkens everything’

Archbishop Conti describes Peter Howson’s portrait of St John Ogilvie as ‘powerful and prayerful’