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The new norms explicitly rule out selling hair strands, hands and teeth, which fetch high prices in online auctions

Extremists then attacked the priests who came to help them

It also questioned the Seal of the Confessional

Secular media outlets are taking interest in the country’s increasingly conservative, Catholic direction

Lord Pearson says the government refused to answer when he asked whether stating religious belief could be ‘hate’

Christians need to draw strength from the Eucharist to live out the Gospel, the Pope said

Vatican to launch revamped news site will bring together audio, text and video, and will launch in six languages

‘Reports of the Holy Father using WhatsApp are false’

The pseudonymous ‘Marcantonio Colonna’ claims Pope Francis has seen a shortlist of six possible authors

Peter Saunders said he was ‘disappointed that the commission didn’t do what I thought it was set up to achieve’