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Two very unlikely bishops have issued the most permissive guidelines yet on Amoris Laetitia. No wonder many Catholics are up in arms, says Fr Mark Drew.

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Dan Hitchens on how Stalin accidentally created a global centre of orthodox Catholicism.

Stuart Reid tries to blend in on the Women’s March.

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Can parish closures actually renew the Church?

Fr Raymond de Souza looks ahead to Donald Trump’s first meeting with Pope Francis

Melanie McDonagh on when the Church and the Koran don’t mix

Celia Chard asks if Christians should serve as spies

Mary Kenny doubts the Women’s March will amount to much

William Cash on the monastic wreck that almost ruined him

Peter Mullen hails Jane Austen’s very English Christianity

Jack Carrigan on the woman who forgave her sister’s murderers

David Oldroyd-Bolt listens to piano’s forgotten genius

Fr Ronald Rolheiser on why ‘sloth’ can be good for you

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