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Force Majeure is both a tense family drama and a brilliant black comedy

Still Alice is a solidly put together, but ultimately unremarkable drama

An unapologetically challenging show explores the influence of Kazimir Malevich’s Black Square

Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao’s embracing of Protestantism means the Catholic Church in the Philippines has a fight on its hands

Frederick Wiseman’s new film about the National Gallery is reassuringly serious

A brilliant BBC Four documentary tells the triumphant story of David Rudisha and Brother Colm O’Connell

John Michael McDonagh has found his very own De Niro in Brendan Gleeson

How the ark changed shape

British Museum curator Irving Finkel tells Will Gore how the chance discovery of a Babylonian tablet helped him trace the roots of Noah’s Ark

Inside Llewyn Davis review

The Coen brothers new film is fine achievement despite the fact it has been snubbed by the Oscars

Print Edition 20.12.13

In this week’s Christmas double edition of The Catholic Herald Hollywood star Bradley Cooper discusses faith and his father; Peter Hitchens on Christmas for contrarians; Archbishop Nichols’ Christmas message to readers; Madeleine Teahan selects 2013’s most memorable moments; the Herald’s people of the year are revealed; there’s a special festive supplement featuring pieces by Melanie McDonagh, Stuart Reid and William Oddie; and Will Gore rounds up the films of the year. To keep up with the latest news, reviews and features, order six issues of the Herald for £6