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Members had complained about a $25 million grant requested by the Pope

‘The party that once embraced Catholics now slams the door on us,’ the cardinal wrote

The Order of Malta defended its procedure, saying that Sire’s superior had been ‘involved’

Sire, a longstanding member of the Order of Malta, was revealed as the author earlier this week

Three French dioceses apparently doctored the image as part of a fundraising campaign

Around 80 people joined the ‘London Irish United for Life’ group in calling for Ireland to keep the Eighth Amendment

The performance of Sir James MacMillan’s Stabat Mater by British choir The Sixteen will take place on April 22

There are concerns over an increasing trend of anti-Catholicism in the country

Regnery Publishing has revealed the author’s name

Former seminary rector Fr Edward Staniek questioned the direction in which Pope Francis was taking the Church