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Today’s feast is one of the most theologically profound of the year

Nineteenth-century writers were an intriguing mix of curiosity and prejudice; modern writers are equally prejudiced, but not in a good way

Priests could do house Benedictions in the week leading up to it, with adoration in each place

Our isle was once a land of saints, but now there is a trend to consign all religious people to the dustbin of history

Last night’s programme was distressing to watch. The men who suffered abuse, though cruelly treated, have retained their dignity

The return of the statue and painting of the Virgin Mary was celebrated by most of the island’s population

If so, this is bad news for all of us

Both translations seek to avoid “Gas Board English” and create a suitable language to express transcendent truths

Even preaching about the necessity of confession caused me trouble

The real solution is that care should be what it claims to be – namely caring