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Scholars and clerics fear being punished for speaking out over Amoris Laetitia

The website removed a claim that the Church banned dissection – but still claims Catholicism helped to cause ‘stagnation’

A parent claimed the headteacher’s letter could be ‘very dangerous’

The signatories say that, while they do not accuse the Pope of the sin of heresy, his actions have helped doctrinal errors to spread

Progressives love to denounce Christian sexual ethics. But does secular liberalism have any answers?

Bishop John Keenan said the laity had sent ‘continual letters’ asking that Scotland be consecrated

Phyllis Zagano, a member of the Vatican commission on women deacons, said she couldn’t envisage women priests ‘at this point’

Fr Aidan Nichols said that Pope Francis’s teaching had led to an ‘extremely grave’ situation

A supposed ‘neurosis’ does not explain why so many Catholics have concerns about the present state of affairs

The Anglican philosopher, recently appointed to the Pontifical Academy for Life, has supported abortion up to 18 weeks