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The three Lebanese men were ordered to learn verses about her virginity and about the Annunciation

The president hailed ‘American heroes’ at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC

Chinese officials have said churches will not be allowed to function unless they post the signs

The former directors, who have already been given jail sentences, face paying damages after bank incurred losses of 47 million euros

Twenty-one priests have been killed in Mexico in the last five years

Some are also emptying holy water stoups and suspending the distribution of the Precious Blood during Communion

A scholar is urging Chinese Christians to learn the new regulations so they can better defend against them

‘Americans should be outraged that pro-abortion Senate Democrats refuse to protect unborn babies who can feel pain’

Holy Father urges Peruvians to fight scourge of ‘femicide’

On the first day of his visit to Peru, the Pope called on governments to respect indigenous rights