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The Pope warned against the movement to invent ‘new rights’ that clash with traditional morality

Theologians should be ‘faithful and anchored’ to the teachings of the Second Vatican Council, the Pope said

The retired pope says the cardinal’s work is not over even though he is no longer the Vatican’s doctrinal chief

‘If we take him away, the lights go out and everything becomes fake,’ Holy Father says

‘Let’s do a good housecleaning of the heart this Christmas so as to be at peace and happy’

He also called on parents to teach children how to make the sign of the cross properly

It seeks to obliterate the past, eradicate cultural differences and leads to persecution, the Pope said

The exhibitions will be an act of ‘cultural diplomacy’, the Museums director said

Faith in the Resurrection ‘makes us men and women of hope, not despair’

‘When you have the idea that your nation is higher, is better than other nations, that is not Christian’